The following article relates to Plantar Fasciitis Treatment.

Try to think of Plantar Fasciitis as a strained or a torn ligament in the sole of your foot. The ligament is pulling away from the heel bone, causing heel pain and arch pain.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Therefore, the most reliable way to cure Plantar Fasciitis is to use orthotics for a few months, while the fascia heals. However, standard orthotics / arch supports will not help as they are designed to push upwards against the sole of the foot, which means they push against the plantar fascia. Your Plantar Fasciitis Treatment should not involve anything that puts pressure against the fascia or the sole of your foot. This includes rolling your foot on a hard object.

At Sydney Heel Pain clinic, as part of your Plantar Fasciitis Treatment , you will be fitted with an alternative orthotic which will relieve strain from the fascia and prevent it from pulling on the heel bone. Your Plantar Fasciitis will settle in a matter of weeks. (These orthotics WILL NOT push against your arch or your Plantar Fascia)

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Written by Karl Lockett