Case study 27 June, 2016 – Sever’s Disease

A 12 year old boy presents to the clinic with pain at the back of his heels, which has been present over 4 months. He is a very active boy who runs and plays soccer 8 hours a week. He reports that the pain is much worse after prolonged activity. He understands his symptoms are […]

Case study 9 June 2016 – Plantar Fasciitis

A 35-year- old female presents with heel pain in her right foot, which has been present over 6 months. She runs frequently but does not remember sustaining an injury. She reports of increased running activity in the last 2 months. Her job also involves her standing on her feet for extended periods of time. She […]

Case Study 30 May 2016 – Achilles Tendonitis

A middle aged male presents with Achilles pain in both feet of approximately 4 years. He thinks he has Plantar Fasciitis due to the fact that he has heel pain, which he experiences every morning, but he hasn’t been to see a specialist nor does he have an understanding of the 2 conditions. His Achilles […]

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