Case Study 8th Feb – Arch Pain

A 67-year-old male presented with arch pain and heel pain in his left foot left. He reported that the pain came on suddenly and has been present for over 2 months. He is retired, however he is a physically active person who plays golf 3 times a week, and also enjoys running and going to […]

Case Study December 2016 – Plantar Fasciitis Following an Ankle Sprain Injury

Plantar Fasciitis A 38 year old male presents to the clinic complaining of Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain in his left foot, of approximately 7 weeks. He describes a pulling and tightness through the arch of his foot, which creates mild Arch Pain but a sharp pain and a dull ache under the centre of […]

Case Study – 10th November 2016 Plantar Fasciitis in a Builder

History A 42-year-old man, a builder, has been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for approximately 4 months. He reports pain under the ball of his heel and has a hard time walking when he gets out of bed in a morning. His Heel Pain is only in one foot and he has never had Plantar Fasciitis […]

Case Study – November 2016 Plantar Fasciitis Causing Arch Pain

History A 56-year-old retiree has been suffering with Arch Pain due to Plantar Fasciitis for approximately 6 months. She is going through menopause and reports several of the typical symptoms such as facial flushing. While the exact etiology is unknown, it is not uncommon to find patient’s who are going through this change who develop […]

Case Study – October 2016 – Arch Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

A 44 year old male has been seeing his Podiatrist for what he thinks is Plantar Fasciitis as the cause of his Arch Pain. He is a keen martial arts student and has been practicing Shotokan karate for 12 years, which he performs in his bare feet. He attends 3 times a week and each […]


A 48-year-old lady presents to the clinic complaining of Arch Pain of approximately 12 weeks following a period of being idle. She reports that she has not exercised for a number of years and has consequently gained weight. She is 12 kilos over her desired weight and hence decided to get fit again by walking. […]

Case Study November 2016 – Arch Pain

A 45 year-old female presents to the clinic complaining of arch pain in her left foot. She reports that the pain came on after an intense session of tennis, just before returning to work as a hairdresser, after having an extended period of time off work. A thorough medical history reveals that she has had […]

Case Study June 2016 – Arch Pain Following a European Holiday

Arch Pain A 52 year old lady presents to the clinic complaining of arch pain in one foot of approximately 2 months. The pain in the arch of her foot came on while on a 3 week holiday in Europe, where she describes lots of walking and sight seeing with her husband. She has never […]

Case Study 20 November 2016 – Plantar Fasciitis and the Use of Thongs

A 61-year-old lady presents to the clinic complaining of Plantar Fasciitis. She describes heel pain under the ball of her heel of approximately 3 weeks, and informs the Podiatrist that her pain is bad in the mornings when her foot hits the floor. Her heel pain has been getting worse since the warmer weather came […]

Case Study 10 August 2016 : Achilles Tendonitis Causing Heel Pain

A 50-year-old male presents to the clinic complaining of posterior heel pain of more than 2 years. He is a keen golfer and plays 18 holes twice a week. His heel pain is bad in the mornings and hurts him after he has been sitting down for more than 30 minutes, particularly after a game […]

Case Study July 2016 – Plantar Fasciitis Causing Heel Pain in Oz Tag

Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain A 44 year old male presents with pain in the arch and the heel area of one foot following training for oz tag competition. The heel pain has been present for 3 weeks and came on very suddenly and the arch pain has been excruciating. The patient felt a snap in […]

Plantar Fasciitis – Case Study 7 October

Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fasciitis is a condition commonly seen in male and female runners. A 46 year old male presents with pain in the base of his heel of approximately 5 months. He is a middle distance runner who has registered for a Marathon in Chicago, USA and he has been covering approximately 75K’s per […]

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