Case Study 28th June, 2017 – Plantar Fasciitis

History of Plantar Fasciitis A gentleman of 42 years of age explained to the podiatrist that he was experiencing severe heel and arch pain in his right foot, and had symptoms consistent with plantar fasciitis.  This was apparent to him during the last 5 – 6 weeks and was gradually getting worse.   He describes the pain as […]

Case Study March 2017 – Plantar Fasciitis and Tight Calf Muscles

Plantar Fasciitis History A new patient with heel pain arrives at the clinic and complains of Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. She is 45 years of age and reports recently gaining weight. The pain in the heel has been present for 6 months and is very noticeable in the early mornings, when the patient rises […]

Case Study September 2016 – Pain From a Heel Spur

Heel Spur – History On the 14th September 2016, a 47-year-old lady arrived at the clinic complaining of pain from a Heel Spur. She described a stone bruise sensation under her heel that was painful with walking. The Heel Spur triggered intense pain in the early morning or the middle of the night when she […]

Case Study September 2016 – Achilles Tendonitis In Both Feet

Achilles Tendonitis – Case History A recreational runner, 33 years old, presents to the clinic complaining of Achilles Tendonitis. She has been enduring pain in both feet for more than 12 months and has reluctantly ceased running. She is 176cm tall and weighs approximately 58 kilos. She runs 5 days a week covering approximately 50 […]

Case Study March 2017 – Plantar Fasciitis In A Patient with Auto-Immunity by Karl Lockett, Sports Podiatrist

A 55 year old lady presents to the Sydney Heel Pain Clinic complaining of Plantar Fasciitis which is causing pain in the heel and arch, of her left foot. She informs the Sports Podiatrist that the pain has been present for approximately 3 months, and seems to coincide with a flare up in her auto-immunity […]

Case Study April 2017 – Arch Pain Treated Poorly

Arch Pain Background Mrs X – 42 years old, presents to clinic complaining of severe heel and arch pain for over 6 months now. She is very frustrated as she had recently seen her old podiatrist who made her a pair of orthotics and had sent her on her way. Unfortunately for Mrs X she […]

Case Study April 2017 – Arch Pain by Rami Ghorra, Sports Podiatrist

Arch Pain History Patient X whom is 28 years old presented to our clinic complaining to our sports Podiatrist of severe arch pain. He explains the pain has been on and off for over 6 months now, however only since starting soccer four weeks ago did the pain become unbearable. Within 30 minutes of field […]


Case Study 5th May – PLANTAR FASCIITIS, by Fatemeh Abdi – Podiatrist

A 36-year-old female presented to the clinic complaining of Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain in her right foot. She reported that the pain came on gradually over a period of 4 months. She was initially advised to take Panadol and roll her foot on a frozen bottle and a spikey ball. She found this to […]

Case Study 5th May – ARCH PAIN by Fatemeh Abdi – Podiatrist

A 44-year old male presented to the clinic complaining of arch pain in both feet, but more noticeable in the left. He reported to the Podiatrist that the arch pain came on gradually over a period of 2 months. He mentioned he had plantar fasciitis of the base of the heel about 4 months ago, […]

Case Study April 2017 – PLantar Fasciitis Following Metatarsal Injury

A fit and healthy 42 year old lady presents with heel pain and arch pain of approximately 4 months. She describes symptoms consistent with Plantar Fasciitis which came on shortly after a metatarsal foot injury. This patient is a very keen martial arts practitioner and enjoys kick boxing and karate. She has no other medical […]

Case Study – Arch Pain – Is it Plantar Fasciitis ?

ARCH PAIN – Is it Plantar Fasciitis ? A 49 year old man visits the Sydney Heel Pain clinic and informs the Sports Podiatrist that he has been struggling with arch pain for 6 months. He thinks he has Plantar Fasciitis and has been trying to treat this himself at home, with ice packs and […]

Case Study February 2017 – Plantar Fasciitis and Failed Injection Therapy

Plantar Fasciitis A 44 year old male of slight build presents to the heel pain clinic and gives a detailed history of his Plantar Fasciitis. He is a healthy man, 179cm tall and only 82 kg’s and is a keen runner. There are no known medical conditions and he takes no medications, just supplements such […]

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